Compassionate Criminal and Juvenile Defense

"Simply the best

Andrea Kim was recommended by a friend of mine. She took my case and worked hard and never left one stone unturned we nicknamed her "THE SHARK" because Andrea loves a challenge. I never had any faith in the judicial system until Andrea Kim came into my life and helped me through a difficult situation and my case was dismissed. Andrea is very compassionate and she truly cares about you . She is down to earth , extremely sweet & kind and very intelligent when it comes to the law. You know from the very beginning where your case stands, she is very explanatory and extremely thorough in her work. I would recommend Andrea Kim to anybody and everybody she is Simply the Best anyone could ever ask for. Andrea is my savior, and she will always be in my life no matter, whether it be for legal advice or just as a friend. Thank you Andrea for everything,..."

- 5 Stars, Avvo


My name is Andrea Kim and I am a storyteller. I love representing people accused of crimes because I show the prosecutor and judge who my client is as a person, not just what they are accused of having done. I represent every client both with legal and factual challenges in addition to sharing the mitigating information that makes them a person, not just a defendant. I challenge the prosecutor's case at every turn by interviewing all their witnesses and combing through every piece of evidence with a fine-tooth comb. Even if there are no legal or factual challenges to a case, I paint a picture for the prosecutor and judge of who my client is and why a particular resolution is the best outcome for all involved. I am well known in the legal community for coming up with creative outcomes.

Explains the Complicated Criminal Justice System

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is complicated, which many times forces people to have an attorney to understand what is happening to them. My years of experience allow me to walk my clients through this complicated process by explaining what is happening every step of the way, and to ensure they make an informed decision about what is best for them and their family.


While I aggressively defend my clients, I am often told that I am more compassionate than people expect from an attorney. It is that kindness and genuine compassion that sets me apart from other attorneys. My communication with my clients also sets me apart because I explain to them what happened, what is currently happening, and what will happen. I update clients regularly, even if there is no news, to make sure they feel informed throughout the case. I will listen to each client's story, fears, and concerns because that is what helps me understand how to best represent each individual client.

Aggressive and Effective Trial Attorney

I have always thrived in the courtroom and much prefer that over writing behind a desk. I thoroughly enjoy trials and am not afraid to take any case to trial. That allows me to aggressively defend my clients because I can let prosecutors know that we will proceed to trial if they do not negotiate a resolution that my client will accept. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to train many attorneys in trial techniques and evidence rules. I have handled thousands of cases in my career and have tried many Domestic Violence cases receiving not guilty verdicts for my clients on the most serious charges. I have also received not guilty and lesser charge verdicts in many DUI trials.

Juvenile Defense

I am particularly passionate about representing juvenile offenders. Every child has the ability to learn from their mistakes and lead an incredible life if a criminal charge does not derail their hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, many youth charged with crimes have experienced some sort of trauma in their life and my passion is to make sure the prosecutor and judge consider that trauma in crafting a resolution that gives the youth hope and a future.