About Our Firm

At ARK Law, we attack every case from two angles. First, the factual and legal challenges to a case and second, telling our client's story.

Evidence Review

Andrea Kim thoroughly reviews and organizes the discovery provided by the prosecutor in every case. She then figures out what pieces of evidence are missing and through investigation, public records requests, and subpoenas, she gets to the bottom of ALL of the evidence, not just what the prosecutor provides. Then she reviews all of the evidence to find any factual issues with the case, such as misidentification or a breath test taken incorrectly. She also researches the potential legal issues to find any challenges to the case.

If she is not able to get a great deal for her client based on the initial evidence review, then she sets the case for trial. Once a case is set for trial, she interviews any and all potential witnesses to prepare for their trial testimony. It is through these interviews that she regularly discovers additional factual and legal challenges to a case. The interviews also are a fantastic tool for showing the prosecutor the weaknesses in their case. Pushing cases to trial and demanding interviews allows Andrea to obtain the deals her clients want. Andrea is incredibly successful in negotiating cases because the prosecutors know that she is not afraid of trial, and is very skilled at trial. Andrea has yet to lose a Domestic Violence trial and has achieved remarkable results for her DUI clients in trial. 


While Andrea is doing all of the case preparation discussed above, she is also hearing and telling the client's story. Prosecutors only see Defendants as the crime they committed. It is imperative that the prosecutor see the client as a person, with a life, a story, and a family. Oftentimes, clients did commit a crime but have an underlying issue that caused the criminal behavior, such as chemical dependency or mental health issues. Andrea is able to get the best outcomes for her clients by convincing the prosecutor that a resolution that addresses the underlying issues would be more appropriate than a jail or prison sentence. By telling her clients' stories and making them human, she is able to resolve cases in a way that makes all parties involved, including the client and the prosecutor, feel like the best deal was reached for everyone.  

"Excellent Lawyer.

Andrea is a well-prepared, detail-oriented lawyer with a heart. She started working on my case immediately after our consultation and we ended up winning after a single court appearance. She walked me through the anxiety of stepping into a courtroom for the first time and is the type of lawyer you want on your side."

-5 Stars, Avvo